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Kraven kills the guide of a poach hunter named Bob, however to his surprise, he declares that he does not want to kill him, but wants to make him a hunter. A flashback reveals Kraven's plan: after moving to the Wild Land, he began killing humanoid animals created by the High Evolutionary. The latter eventually gave up and said he was willing to do whatever Kraven wanted to stop him from killing his creatures.Kraven ordered the geneticist to clone it 87 times, and to make the clones become adults in a short time. Windham obeyed, but Kraven's daughter Ana learned of her father's plans and left him in disgust.

When his "children" became adults, Kraven sent them around the world to hunt, and then ordered them after some time to return. However, only one returned after killing all the other clones, much to Kraven's satisfaction. The hunter then explained to his son, how his climate was dying due to climate change and how poachers were unworthy of hunting because of their methods.

Given that killing or frightening them all would be impossible Kraven decided to push them to hunt all the super criminals whose identity is inspired in some way by the animals: in fact, according to the hunter, they committed the sacrilege of having given themselves the name of the beasts without honoring their soul. And now Kraven will teach them what it means to be hunted.

Billy sneaks out to go to a party and his father Curt calls Peter Parker to send Spider-Man to find him. Peter feels unwell, but still goes out in search of Billy. The appearance of the latter, triggers panic at the party and the boy runs away to the street, where he is kidnapped by Black Ant and Taskmaster. While looking for the little Connors, Spider-Man is found by a Spider-Tracer-Tracker who had given to the Black Cat, on which the latter recorded a message: Felicia says she ended up in a trap and that the Lizard's son is with her.

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