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Gabo no Contado - D'Autores

Gabo no Contado

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Dario Arizmendi

Darío Arizmendi, el periodista más conocido de Colombia, fue amigo personal de García Márquez durante los últimos 25 años. Gabo no contado está dividido en cinco capítulos: Gabo íntimo, Gabo Nobel, Gabo México, Gabo Colombia-Macondo y la transcripción de la última entrevista para tv que dio en vida y cuyo periodista fue Darío Arizmendi. Un libro lleno de fotografías inéditas y anécdotas para conocer aquel Gabo que nadie ha contado. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Darío Arizmendi, the most well-known journalist in Colombia, was a personal friend of García Márquez for the last 25 years. The Untold Story of Gabo is divided into five chapters: Gabo Up Close, Gabo the Nobel Winner, Gabo México, Gabo Colombia-Macondo, and the transcription of the last TV interview that he gave while he was alive, for which the interviewer was Darío Arizmendi. This is a book full of previously unpublished photos and anecdotes that will introduce you to a Gabo that nobody has yet written about. The patience and precision of an experienced reporter like Darío Arizmendi made it possible to keep a testimony about a lesser-known García Márquez unpublished for decades. The Untold Story of Gabo is the sum of accounts, memories, personal notes, and never-before-published photos, and today they converge to reveal the life of Gabo the writer, Gabo the critic, Gabo the carouser. Constructed throughout a 30-year friendship, this book contains revelations worth telling. In the end, it is a tale that brings us a more intimate understanding of Gabo than anyone could have imagined. "This book by Darío Arizmendi has the gift of genial complicity that so characterized Gabo in life, and I believe he would have liked it." –John Lee Anderson

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