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Puerto Rico's Birds in photographs / Third edition

$ 24.95

Autor Mark Oberle

The first book to illustrate all breeding birds and regular immigration from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with colorful illustrations - now the third edition. Including more than 400 color photos of 191 bird species. The English text was developed for students, teachers and bird watchers who wish to learn about the natural heritage, learning about the fascinating birds of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The life story of this species was written for ordinary readers and includes important lessons for protecting our natural resources. More than 100 professional and amateur ornithologists collaborated in this work. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM, which contains life history records in Spanish and English and sound clips of more than 400 species, as well as more than 2,900 photos, online resources, bird research information, articles on development and conservation and bibliography details. It includes all species of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as well as most birds of the Antilles. The CD-ROM was written in HTML format for use on computers and Macintosh computers, and can be easily used for student projects in the fields of biology, music and art.

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