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  • Sovereign (The Book of Mortals #3) - D'Autores
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SOVEREIGN "The Book of Mortals"

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Nine years after Rom Sebastian was pushed into the most improbable of conditions as legend and carrier of an incomprehensible mystery, the coalition of his adherents is in disorder. An epic fight with The Order has left them dispersed and profoundly partitioned both in technique and resolve in their battle to turn out to be really alive and free. 

Just 49 genuinely alive adherents stay faithful to Rom. This pitiful band must battle for endurance as The Order is centered around their all out demolition. Misconstrued and detested, their excursion will be one of edginess against another, all the more strongly abhorrent Order. As the hand of this evil is raised to strike and devastate them they should depend on their confidence in the standing intensity of adoration to defeat all and lead them to power.

SOVEREIGN brilliantly proceeds with the new confirmation moral story that was presented in FORBIDDEN and proceeded in MORTAL.