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The Dark and the Darker

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J.L. Hickey

For over a century, the children of Ojibway City have gone missing at an alarming rate, some reported, some not. Either way, anyone living near the city knows it’s happening, and little is being done to find answers. But when famous national clairvoyant Lydia Cayce takes up her first investigation after the infamous Emmett County Cannibal case, she opens a door into not only the dark secrets of the city, but into a century-old curse that she must find a way to break.

Meet Kelsee Kessler; a former addict turned small-time local celebrity. On a bizarre whim, Kelsee purchases a home in the Gratiot Triangle of the city (a local paranormal hotspot) and moves in with her current boyfriend, Codi when things slowly start to turn weird. They begin to experience mood swings, violent outbursts, and then Keslee started seeing…it. Now, their sanity lies in the hand of Lydia, or so they hope.