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The Masked City (The Invisible Library Novel)

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Genevieve Cogman

The written word is mightier than the sword—most of the time...

The librarian spy Irene and her apprentice Kai ranked second in this "dazzling" fantasy series written by the author of The Invisible Library. Irene, who works as a spy, worked in another edition of Victorian London and settled down, collecting important novels for the mysterious library, and blending perfectly with local culture. However, when her apprentice Kai (royal descendant dragon) was kidnapped by Fae, her elaborate secret operation began to collapse. Kai's kidnapping may cause conflict between the forces of chaos and order, which will destroy all the world and all levels. In order to avoid humans being caught in the crossfire, Irene must work with a local Fae leader to delve into the Venetian version full of dark magic, coincidences and permanent carnival, and save her friends before becoming a disaster The first people in the sex war. However, to navigate the turbulent situation of Fae's politics, Irene not only needs savvy books and quick words, but also to resist the end of the world, she may have to sacrifice everything she cherishes...