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The Mortal Word - The Invisible Library Novel

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Genevieve Cogman Author

In the latest novel in Genevieve Cogman's landmark fantasy series, the fate of the world is balanced. When a dragon dies at a peace conference, Irene, a time-traveling spy librarian, must solve the case to balance order, chaos, and the library. When Irene returned to London after a relatively simple book theft incident in Germany, Bradamant told her that the ongoing secret peace meeting between the dragon and the fairy was a mediation activity for the library. , And the dragon in the second command has been stabbed to death. . Vale and Irene were responsible for solving the case and went immediately to Paris in the 1890s to start an investigation. After their arrival, they found evidence that the murder victim could have found evidence that one or more librarians had committed treason. But to ensure the peace of the meeting, some librarians were kidnapped as hostages in the court of Dragon and Fairy. To save the prisoners, including their parents, Irene must investigate the murder in-depth, but is she the criminal dragon, the princess, or the librarian?