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The Secret Chapter - The Invisible Library Novel

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Traveling through time and space, jumping spy librarians Irene and Long Prince Kai (Kai) will have to cooperate with some improbable misbehavior to launch shocking art thefts or risk the wrath of the villain. With a lair on a secret island. The librarian's job is never done, and Irene is called to the library. The world you grew up in is in danger of falling into chaos and you need to buy a specific book to prevent this from happening. Your only option is to contact the mysterious Fae information agent and rare goods dealer: Mr. Nemo.

Irene and Kai travel to the remote Caribbean island of Nemo and are invited to dinner, which includes unlikely companions. Mr. Nemo is willing to make an offer for everyone there - he wants to steal a specific painting from a specific world. But to be rewarded, they will have to form a team that includes the Dragon Mechanic, the Fae Thief, the Player, the Driver, and the Muscle. Your goal? At the World Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum in the early 21st century, the greatest challenge you face may be another.