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Margaret Rogerson

Roller's dead will not rest in peace. Artemisia is training to be a gray nun, a nun who will purify the dead body so that their souls can be passed on; otherwise, they will become extremely hungry souls for the living. She would rather deal with the dead than with the living. The living would whisper and talk about her bruised hands and painful past. When her monastery was attacked by possessed soldiers, Atmisia defended it by awakening the ancient spirit bound to the saint's relic. This is a dead soul, an evil being, threatening to take possession of her the moment she puts down her guard. Using its extraordinary power almost consumed her life-but death had fallen to Rolael, and only the priestess trained to use high-level relics had the opportunity to stop it. With all the knowledge about vespertines passing over time, Mugwort turned to the last expert for help: the soul itself.